Breastfeeding / Infant Feeding

Regional Aim: To increase the rate of breastfeeding initiation and at 6-8 weeks to greater or equivalent to England by 2025 and to ensure that all units are accredited to UNICEF level 2 by 2020 and to level 3 by 2025.


Global WHO guidance states all maternity staff to have 18 hours of face-to-face training annually.  However, UNICEF BFI standards do not have a minimum amount of hours but expect quality training should take around 2 days. The training should demonstrate how staff have been trained according to role and evidence of the training plan, audit of staff knowledge and skills as an outcome should be available.

Contact your Trust’s Infant Feeding Lead or Public Health Midwife for more information and availability.


Regional Pathway

Regional Breastfeeding Touchpoints pathway is under development.


Useful links

A guide to UNICEF UK feeding initiative standards

Breastmilk provision for preterm and sick neonates – see ESR/E learning for health

Better Health at Work Award information – free resources to achieve awards including breastfeeding friendly workplaces information.

Feedfinder app to provide to women to improve breastfeeding friendly venues.

Useful documents

NICE Guidance can be downloaded here.

Letter handed out by Health Visiting services to support breastfeeding mothers returning back to work.