Babies cry – you can cope!

Did you know it is normal for babies to cry. Crying episodes can become often from 2 weeks of age and can peak when they are 2 months. The length of crying in a day can range from 20mins up to 6hours. Each baby has their own pattern, it is best you know your baby’s crying pattern.

It is important to remember you are not a bad parent if your baby cries a lot. It is normal and it will stop.

ICONcope are an organisation to provide parents and carers with support and helpful tips to cope with crying. Always check your baby’s basic needs; feeding, nappy change, tired, temperature. Try soothing methods such as; skin -to -skin, music and going for a walk. If the baby is safe you can walk away for a few minutes.

Dads and mums, please watch this video to find out more about coping when your baby cries.


leaflet with more information

Premature baby information leaflet