Planning a pregnancy

Planning a pregnancy

Check our guide here which includes links to information and resources to help you plan your pregnancy.


Information from the NHS on planning a pregnancy


If you’ve decided you’re ready to start a family, Tommy’s can provide information on how to get pregnant and some of the lifestyle changes that might help you.

Tommy’s information on planning a pregnancy – 

Tommy’s information on how alcohol and drugs can affect fertility –

Tommy’s understand your cycle –


Sexwise – understanding reproduction – a detailed exploration Into the reproduction process for both males and females.


Leaflet: Thinking of getting pregnant?

Emotional wellbeing

If you have an existing complex or severe mental health issue, this may affect your pregnancy and your baby.

If you have an existing issue, you will be referred to the Specialist Community Perinatal Mental Health Service for advice regarding any medication.

Do not stop ay medication without the advice of a perinatal psychiatrist. The specialist team will monitor you throughout your pregnancy if needed.