Digital Transformation

Our Digital Strategy

The Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS) for the North East and North Cumbria has published its Digital Strategy.

Our vision for the North East and North Cumbria is to improve the quality and safety of maternity care using data and digital solutions as part of a Learning Health System. The strategy was co-produced with stakeholders from around the system including healthcare staff, commissioners, digital leaders and women and their families to help us understand what’s important and where we should focus our digital transformation.

The strategy outlines four key themes:

  • Support care
  • Empower women
  • Evaluate and learn
  • Attract development funding

Read the strategy in full

regional digital strategy themes

The following programmes support the delivery of the strategy:

Integration with the Great North Care Record

Great North Care Record logo

Work is underway to connect BadgerNet – the maternity record used in most trusts to the Great North Care Record. Initially staff working in the four existing BadgerNet sites (North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS FT, Gateshead Health NHS FT, Northumbria Healthcare NHS FT and County Durham and Darlington NHS FT) can view the Great North Care Record.

When the remaining trusts implement BadgerNet, they too will be able to view the Great North Care Record. This means maternity staff can access the patient’s wider healthcare record. Work is currently underway to enable data from the maternity record to be made available in the Great North Care Record to other healthcare professionals. This is currently in progress and will be available later in 2022/23.

Further information about the project is included in this patient leaflet.

ICE integration with BadgerNet

Part of this work has been agreed and funded. This will allow BadgerNet to be directly integrated with ICE which means that staff will be able to view and order test results from within the BadgerNet system. Further scoping work is underway as there are additional elements of this work which require additional funding.

Digital roadmap

Ethical Healthcare has been commissioned to develop a cohesive reference document to inform the direction and implementation of future digital solutions. This will be based on insight and feedback from stakeholders from around the region from clinical and technical backgrounds so there is a shared understanding and a vision for what the LMNS is trying to achieve and how it will deliver on the ambition of creating a Learning Health System.