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Personalised Care and Choice

Personalised Care and Choice


Personalised Care Deliverables

Ensure all pregnant women have a Personalised Care and Support Plan by March 2021

Ensure all women can make choices about their maternity care, during pregnancy, birth and postnatally

Ensure more women can give birth in midwifery settings (at home and in midwifery units)

Ensure all women receive quality postnatal care, through implementation of a Postnatal Improvement Plan agreed with the Regional Maternity Programme Board

Ensure all maternity providers are on track to become UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative accredited by March 2024.

Congratulations on your pregnancy

Now you have a positive pregnancy test you may want to think about booking with a maternity care provider.

To find out how to book with a care provider, understand your choices and find out what support is available to you, please visit the Birth Choices App

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